The Key
© 2021, Keith R. Moser

From myths to numbers
What key opens the Divine
To greet all comers

"The movement of energy that occurs in the infinite consciousness is known as the cosmic person who is endowed with a magnetic field and gravitational force." (
Vasistha's Yoga VI.2:173)

The Vasistha reference expresses the triune nature of Brahman with the cosmic person-gravitational force-magnetic field being analogous to sat-chit-ananda. In that context the cosmic person, or being is the Supreme Self represented by Paramashiva/Brahman, gravity is the ground of consciousness represented by the Satguru, and the magnetic field is the blissful energy of Maya. In the abstract, Brahman is the formless source of the cosmos, Satguru is the light carrying knowledge of Brahman into the cosmos, and Maya is the fully informed cosmos.


The graphical reprentation depicts Shuddha Vidya - the archetypal, triune nature prior to formal manifestation. The origin is the stillness of Brahman, the axis is the radiance of Satguru, and the boundless waveform is the expansiveness of Maya. Shuddha Vidya can also be represented by numeric archetypes - nullity, unity, and infinity - which are the primal basis of all numbers, each uniquely whole, and thus the same in their divine nature. In the abstract, creation proceeds from the potentiality of emptiness by the additiive process to full realization. The process repeats not by subtraction which the Purna Mantra proves as a false operation, but through inversion of unity by infinity which resets the cycle back to nullity.

It is interesting to note the abstract, non-dimensional shape of Shuddha Vidya. The graphical, triune form has each of the three basic parts of a key, including the circular bow, the linear blade, and the wavy bitting. It is not coincidental that a coin toss also has a triune nature made up of the the full face, the linear edge, and the inversion. The use of the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar is intentional, as it represents generational, social, political, financial, and even glactic, solar and geologic cycles all converging at this time and place.